Marinated Salmon


Approx Weight: 600 grams



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Three portions of succulent salmon fillet in a oil based chili, lemon and ginger marinade, sealed in a cookable oven bag.


The marinade

Our Marinade contains a mixture of the finest quality herbs & spices infused with blended OMEGA-3 rich vegetable oils giving you a health conscious product range, free of MSG, declarable allergens, and phosphates, with reduced salt. Using only natural flavour enhancers.


We marinate the fish for 24 hours before they get delivered to your house, giving it just the perfect time to soak in and fuse all the flavours of the marinades.

The salmon

We use only superior grade salmon and it really tells with its succulent texture and bright pink and shiny colour. The three salmon fillets will be skinless.

The bag

Your marinated fish will come in a cookable fish bag. The bag is designed and manufactured to be used safely in a conventional oven up to 200 degrees celsius, in a microwave – and even in a freezer for subsequent reheating and eating.  This bag will allow the salmon and marinade to further fuse while cooking, simmering in its own juices to enhance the flavour and texture. The bag is fully sealed so there are no lingering smells or mess when you cook and even when microwaving you do not need to pierce the product.

The bag comes with full cooking instructions on the outside so all you have to do is follow them for a perfect fish meal.


Farmed in Scotland (UK) or Norway. Produced in Ireland.