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Fished in Ireland

Hugely popular softer and more delicate white fish than cod with a slightly stronger flavour. Portioned, with bones removed for convenience.

Wild & Irish. Caught using either gill nets, seine nets or trawl caught, off either the South or West Coast of Ireland and landed in Castletownbere.

18 reviews for Hake

  1. Alvean (verified owner)

    Dusted the hake with cured lemon sea salt and black pepper, air bake! Fish was very fresh and tender! Yummy dinner. Thank you.

  2. Sinead O’Brien (verified owner)

    Really fresh, good portions and delicious. Won’t get them as fresh anywhere else, favourite dinner in our house!

  3. William Crowley (verified owner)

    Beautiful delicate tasty fish. I lightly dust them with flour, spread a thin layer of butter on them with some salt, then cook either side with a tiny amount of oil in the pan for 4-5 mins on medium heat. (200g’s tail end 4 mins each side. Fillet end 5 mins each side)

  4. patricu (verified owner)

    Very happy with these juicy fresh portions of hake. Just here to order again!

  5. Rupert Heather

    Always really fresh and excellent quality!

  6. nmcloughlin1981 (verified owner)

    Beautiful Fresh Fish and great service was not disappointed.

  7. patrick stack (verified owner)

    Love the hake .no pin bones really nice cooked in butter with parsley pinch of salt and black pepper love it…

  8. Sinead (verified owner)

    Beautiful fish. Been getting deliveries every month since lockdown began. Always fresh and high quality. Find of the year. Thanks guys!

  9. Sam beecher

    Fabulous foodt

  10. Sam beecher


  11. Paul Nash (verified owner)

    So Fresh, loved it thanks a mil

  12. Tina

    The Best Hake In Glanmire!!
    I’ve gotta try more of the fish from these guys but the I can’t not order the hake is really fresh quality.

  13. Aine

    A great alternative to cod and sustainable. My new favorite white fish. superb quality fish.

  14. Gill

    Great idea for a business, Cork needed something like this. Their hake is my favorite

  15. Vada

    Beautiful hake, as nice as I have had

  16. Anne

    Lovely hake, I used to go work back in Castletown bere years ago, it’s the freshest fish I’ve tasted since then,, regular customer

  17. Nora

    Been getting weekly deliveries off them for the last couple of months and couldn’t be any happier with the service, friendly delivery man and the fish is always super fresh

  18. Tim

    Real fresh West Cork hake, I could really taste the difference between this hake and fish I had bought in other places

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