Whole sea bream

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Whole sea bream. This sea bream is not filleted but it comes scaled and gutted. €10 for 2 fish weighing between 800-1200 grams combined


We import this exotic fish from Turkey where it’s farmed at sea.

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11 reviews for Whole sea bream

  1. Kochuthresia Alexander (verified owner)

    Fresh and tasty fish and delivery service is good

  2. Kochuthresia Alexander (verified owner)

    Fresh and big fish

  3. Kochuthresia Alexander (verified owner)

    Tasty fish

  4. Rania Osman (verified owner)

    fresh fish, excellent delivery and service

  5. Kochuthresia Alexander

    Lovely fish,great taste

  6. Kochuthresia Alexander

    Lovely fish

  7. Osman Sen (verified owner)

    Great taste! I’ve been unlucky past few weeks. Everytime I check, it’s sold out 🙁

    • daniel mccarthy (verified owner)

      Hey Osman, the best time to order is the Weekend we tend to have most of our stock in then.

  8. antoniolisboa (verified owner)

    Beautiful fresh moist fish. Had whole fish oven roasted with clams , potatoes, fennel and wine sauce will definitely be ordering this again.
    Great to have it delivered directly to your door. Thank you.

  9. Oliver ahern (verified owner)

    Top notch fish,

  10. esma.yilmz (verified owner)

    Order came on time. They were very delicious.

  11. Ozlem Dalkiran (verified owner)

    I had to freeze it but it was still very tasty. Fresh and huge.

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