2 x vegan plant-based burgers made with peas, beetroot, onion and other vegetables. With 15g of plant protein and added vitamin b12, iron & calcium it’s a great taste and texture that’s just like the real thing.

Our vegan range is produced by Plant-it

“At Plant-It they are just starting on their journey, a journey with purpose.

Plant-It’s are planting a new idea, they want to help consumers to choose good and do good. Inspiring better choices at mealtimes with delicious plant-based products, as well as working towards a greener future by embracing their name and quite literally, planting it. With the ultimate ambition of helping to plant the planet, proceeds from the sales of every Plant-It product going towards reforestation efforts at home and across the globe.

The more they grow, the more trees they can plant, one meal at a time. Partnering with expert planters Trees on the Land, Plant-It will already have 10,000 trees planted by the end of this February”

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